Our Communities

Young Peace Brigades Project works with five rural villages ( Kramokrom, Camp.NyameBekyere, Abudukrom and Mbaim ) in the District of Upper Denkyira in the Central Region of Ghana. There are approximately 2,000 people who live in this settlements strung out along roads and on farms on a vast rain forest. In rural areas such as Kramokrom,NyambeBekyere, clean water is a rare luxury and the lack of it leads to medical and childhood development problems. Economic opportunities are limited forcing the majority of the community to rely on subsistence agriculture or on seasonal income from cocoa production.

The main village squares have no electricity neither does the entire settlements and about ten little shops, varying from local mini bars to grocery stores. The Settlements is about 60 kilometres from the main Muncipal Capital of Dunkwa-On-Offin where we have our office with adequate electricity and other modern telecommunications.

The rain forest is covered with cocoa farms. Unfortunately, the cocoa farmers take detrimental losses on their crops each year due to black pods attacking their cocoa plants and lack of equipment. The people walk almost everywhere as the infrastructure and access to transportation barely exists. Roads are not tarred and are narrow . The roads become worse during the rainy season as a result of flooding. Sometimes the roads are completely impassable, leaving entire villages cut off from food and other necessities.

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