Become an Ambassador

As an Ambassador you will live and work in Kramokrom of Central Region in Ghana for a year in exchange for a small stipend and modest room andboard. During this time you will gain an in-depth understanding of the people and culture of Ghana while you provide invaluable technical assistance and program management for one of our programs that will improve the life of the Kramokrom community.
Ambassadors should have training and/or experience in one of the following areas: 

  • Health (all aspects including public health)
  • Education (at all levels including adult)
  • Business development and management
  • Civil or water engineering


Ambassadors are paired with Ghanaian staff members and YPB WOO volunteers while they work full time on their project and assist others on special events.

While enjoying the beautiful green scenery, Ambassadors live together in a typical Ghanaian village house with no running water and rely on their own two feet for transportation.

Simply put: Ambassador life exemplifies simple living along with a twist of adventure, a mountain of work, and a lifetime of memories.


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