Young Peace Brigades is a registered charity and a non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated in 2004 under the Ghana’s companies code 1963 Act (179). Focused on tackling poverty through promoting access to opportunities for community education, economic development, and health services through volunteerism and communityself-help initiatives in Africa.

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Young Peace Brigades aims to create a supportive environment for the survival and the development of communities by encouraging local initiatives for sustainable economic development and environmental awareness.


An organisationcommitted to building together a world in which peace, justice, solidarity, human dignity, sustainable development and respect for nature prevail.

Providing a future or poisoning a future?

The artisanal gold mining industry provides employment to around 15 million people globally 1 million of those working in Ghana..In doing so, it generates significant debate amongst researchers and policymakers about the best approach to the sector, with most artisanal gold
miners in Ghana operating illegally.

An investigation into the circumstances leading to young people’s participation in small-scale mining activities in Obuasi, Ghana, and the   implications of this for individual and community futures.

Shocking findings about the effect of galamsey on the environment

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I have gained so much from my wonderful experience of volunteering with Young Peace Brigades.I lived in the tiny village of Kramokrom (located in Upper Denkyira, in the Central region of Ghana) for 6 weeks, where I was introduced to amazing people and included in their way of life.  As a first aid attendant and a special education aide in Canada, I wanted to volunteer in a place where people have very little in comparison to the excesses of North American society. YPB was a tremendous opportunity for me to gain experience in the fields of medicine and teaching...

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